Another ring

A long term Native American speciality store had gone out of business leaving several items at an adjacent jewelers. The decorative elements, plus the band are a type of gold, either gold wash, gold plated???
No hallmarking of metal type but artist stamped TG. Red brown matrix, a greener blue, high cabochon.
so many questions, any guesses?

The pictures are a little blurry, but my guesses for the turquoise would be Paiute or Red Mountain. Both are known to have red brown matrix.

I think Thomas Guerrero used at “TG” hallmark at one point in time, But I really can’t see the hallmark on your ring that well. Also, sterling silver can sometimes tarnish to a faint gold color. From your picture it looks like silver, but I have seen high- grade Paiute and Red Mountain both set in gold as well.

Here’s a different example of spiderweb Paiute: q

This link has a few examples of Red Mountain, from Perry Null Trading Company:

Whatever that turquoise is, it’s awfully beautiful! Red matrix & spider webbing is always a good combo. Hopefully this helps!

I had always hoped it was red mountain. Until it is seen in person, I’m still hoping,The under side of the table is silver, untarnished, though unworn. That is one reason, I think the balance is gold in one form or another. I really need to break out a good camera instead of using the phone for specialty pics. The hallmark is very faint, but readable.

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