Another Unknown Stone Bracelet - any Ideas about the stones?

I bought this a while ago and was told that the stones were rather rare. I really don’t care if they are or are not since these bracelets are my personal collection and I enjoy wearing them. But… I am curious if anyone has any ideas. This is the front bracelet with the three stones. Sorry about the pictures. I know this one is marked and stamped sterling. Again, any help would be appreciated.

<img src=/uploads/db3169/original/1X/f22078b8cecb9a5c9e69139fc5e53ef137bcfb45.jpg">

I think it is webbed Damele Turquoise. Couldn’t find a great example here in the store to compare with, but found this on ebay, which is very similar.

Thanks again Jason. I thought it might be Damele, but you guys are the experts. Do you mind if I put up a few things for your opinion? I’ve always been interested in the stones and/or older pieces. My photos need some improving, but just wanted to make sure that it’s not a bother to ask. I’ve never seen a site like this one! It’s great! Thanks once more!

that would be great


Good morning Jason… any comments on these? Sorry my camera isn’t better, or maybe it’s the photographer. Thanks.

<img src=/uploads/db3169/original/1X/e3ff890ffb171ab6abe7b21d2a1424333bc386b6.jpg">

<img src=/uploads/db3169/original/1X/b327710cb9a742710ba8d14d5ceeab3f6e66d382.jpg">

<img src=/uploads/db3169/original/1X/52411f8e82664ca2d6e3eca1b16b73a66dba4308.jpg">

It is difficult from pictures, so I will give you techniques I use when determining a stone . Bisbee, famous for its smoky matrix and chocolate colored matrix. From the picture the matrix looks black, which is not a color you find in Bisbee, but again can not tell from picture because the chocolate can get dark. The webbed stone is beautiful, first determine how old it is, pre 1980s and it is not going to be Chinese, anything after we assume Chinese first and then go from there. The green and coral looks like nice Royston, bottom stone appears to be natural Turquoise Mountain.

Thanks so much. Sorry these photos are so crummy. Don’t much like this camera. I will use my old one. When you speak of the webbed stone, I assume you mean the first one on the left. It is a very striking ring. I was hoping you would say Turquoise Mt. on the bracelet… that’s what i thought it was too. You are great! I will make these photos much smaller next time. so appreciate your time. Do you folks do silver work? I have a cuff watch band that I believe i bought from you on ebay years ago. It’s all silver with a hole for the watch to peak thru. Never really worked as a watch for me, but i have a large ring with a round turquoise stone that I was thinking of setting on top in a bezel over the hole. Is this something you do??? I would of course send pics. Thanks. Sue

Yes, we can do the work. Just send pictures and what you would like done.

As you can tell, I don’t get on the computer as much as I’d like. My mom is battling cancer and I’m her caregiver. I will try and get some photos to you soon. I liked the article on Gary Reeves. I have a bracelet of his… Also one from ALC and am curious about the stone. Light mint turquoise in color. Some other time I’ll send a photo. Thanks again Jason!

Sorry, that’s AJC… miss typed!

Albert and Jackie Cleveland - Dashchanii clan, Navajo

Razzleberrys…Hope you don’t mind if a newby chirps in… I worked with these stones for years…
Your spider web stone up at the top looks to be ‘Old Number 8’… (Nv)… ‘black web’…but then again…if it was 'Lander Blue ’ ( Nv) it would even be rarer… you didn’t mine it, could be anything… Spider web of any kind is of course harder and older then most turquoise…
Your other two rings look to be some old
Bisbee…the splotches always give it away.
I ran a shop in the Ozarks for 18 years in which we cut and made up some of the last of the old American Turquoise ( from the vaults of Zack Zachary after he passed.
Your green w/ the coral looks similar to some green Pilot Mt. we cut back in the 90’s…We also had some ‘Hachita’ (NM) that looked very similar. ( of course yours is older) ( green w/gold web)
and the water web on the bottom ( camera aside)… looks similar to some #8 I have… but its so hard to tell… #8 was closed mid 50’s…
The more I look at it thought the more I am going towards ‘Red Mountain’ spider web…( also Nv)
These minds are all rare, as they mostly don’t produce any thing worth while any more, at least stuff that doesn’t have to be enhanced…
How nice to own such rare stones…I have quite a few myself…
Janet planet

Hi Janet! Thanks so much for your info. I am sorry I am not on this site as often as I’d like. I spent years teaching myself the little I know about the stones. The webbed one doesn’t appear to be of the right color to be Lander Blue although that would be wonderful! :wink: Again, my thoughts might have been of Bisbee for either of the two other rings. When Jason said that the coral ring looked to be Royston, it does have (on one stone) the blue going to green that I hadn’t noticed before. I have no experience with the Red Mt., but have a bracelet in an early photo behind a Damale that goes into some yellows and red. Wondered if it might not be Mt. Pilot - again, I am self taught. I love this website and turquoise and Native American have always been so special to me. You would be horrified at what I sold off when I left my job to take care of my folks. What I put up now with questions are the things I kept. I would love to see some of your pieces! I need to spend more time on this website. Jason mentioned I needed to find out if the webbed ring was pre 80’s and I don’t know how to tell. Fred Harvey and some of my pieces are older, but how does one tell by the settings? I meant to ask Jason that.
Thanks again and jump right in anytime! Sue

Here are a few more if anyone kindly has the time. I’m going to attach the back of the spiderweb ring from before. Looks like a bear paw? in the teepee or??? Hard to get a super clear photo with this camera. I believe the bracelet I’m showing is older, no markings. The flower ring - always been curious about the stone. And… another green one without markings. Thanks a bunch Anyone! Sue

<img src=/uploads/db3169/original/1X/8fc148852770710b6166aff92b566e90cabc3f3d.jpg">

<img src=/uploads/db3169/original/1X/72200a4e31a3232b2114b17cd0c4aec069dded58.jpg">

<img src=/uploads/db3169/original/1X/24d1b5ceda14b9656fe1888d482ac3a4fa6f2251.jpg">

<img src=/uploads/db3169/original/1X/e148bfe25616c9cdc991615808023442f1ad58dd.jpg">

I am not familiar with any of the marks, the stones appear to be Chinese for the green, the other ring Turquoise Mountain?, and the bracelet Sleeping Beauty. It is always difficult to tell from pictures, thanks for sharing.

Hi-I have a turquoise bracelet with the letters: AZ RZ stamped on it. Does anyone know whose hallmark these letters stand for? I’m thinking the AZ stands for Arizona, but can’t find anything about the RZ. Help!

Could you add a picture, that would help, thanks.