Antique Zuni Set of 3 pieces, made before artists started marking

My aunt has a 3 piece set of Zuni jewelry that is over 60 years old. She apparently lived on a Navajo reservation and purchased this set before artists starting putting their marks on their pieces. She would like to sell it but has no idea the value. She had it evaluated in Santa Fe and was told the 3 pieces should be in a museum.


Could these be Dishta?
Amazing! They do look museum quality…could we see the backs? Welcome to the group!
Tell her they are wonderful!


Welcome to the forum, they are great pieces. When you get these inlaid pieces like this we call them Dishta. Here is a complete set on Etsy. This item is unavailable - Etsy

What do you want for them?


Wow! I knew it! Thats soo cool…


Beautiful! That’s quite a treasure. Is she/you looking to part with them?

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Yes Dishta and very collectible

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Looks like Dishta, very beautiful pieces… I’m in loooove :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Reposting an edit to my previous attempt:
For sure these are Dishta style, very much the look–but you’d have to determine whether actually by the family. Interestingly, several online sources show identical work by other Zunis: Matthew and Rosemary Lidase. Apparently hallmarked by them, too. I can’t see from these pics: any hallmarking on the reverse?

A bracelet exactly like this just sold for $450, and Cameron Trading Post had a similar ring for $395, not thousands of dollars as for known Frank D work. Regardless, this is a killer group of pieces.


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Nov 8, 2014 - Vintage Zuni Bracelet & Ring,Turquoise,Dishta Style, Matthew & Rosemary Lidase


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I was reading on Perry Null Trading a Q&A w/ Virgil Dishta from 2016. I found it very touching how he humbly states he was told his work is in museums & how he hopes to see it one day. I believe he passed in 2017.(?)
I sure hope he was able to see his pieces in a museum…


Yes she is. You could make her an offer. She has about 4 other people that should be making offers today. She’s 83 and retiring so she’s clearing everything out!

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You can make her an offer if you would like.

Yes she is. Would you like to make an offer? I believe they are Frank Dishta.

Go ahead and make her an offer. She was told they should be in a museum, but she is not interested in donating them to a museum.

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She is sending pics of the back soon.

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OMG!!! I love Dishta soo much!
Maybe you can clean the backsite a little bit. The makers mark is only scratched in. See at my bracelet.


^Another example of not-Dishta made pieces in the style. That M + R engraving is Matthew and Rosemary Lidase, as I discussed above in the thread.


Thank you for the pictures.

Vicki Turbeville just added a bracelet by Matthew and Rosemary Lidase, with that identical Dishta look. It dates ca. 1970s. It’s a beauty and collectible in its own right.

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