Any idea on maker and/or turquoise of this pendant?

I purchased this turquoise and sterling pendant and was wondering if anyone is familiar with this style of work and or the turquoise. There are no marks for maker or metal fineness but it tested as sterling. I don’t think the pendant and the necklace are original to each other. The necklace is too long, rather poorly made and doesn’t quite go with the pendant. The turquoise is a very pretty blue that looks like it has pepper sprinkled on it with dark brown matrix. I’d be very interested your opinion on the turquoise, the maker and what would be a suitable substitute for the necklace it’s on.


Don’t know about make, it has a Sadie Calvin style. The turquoise appears to be Persian.


Thanks for the info, I took a look at Sadie Calvin, there are similarities. I spent a while looking for scalloped bezels and stamped scalloped bezels hoping that might get me in the right direction. Can Native American jewelry be dated by the bezels used? This was sold as 70’s but I’m skeptical (the older I get the more skeptical I become - I’m aiming for a permanent state of incredulousness). I bought it anyway because the price was right (nowhere near the price written on the back). Speaking of price, I’ve tried 70% isopropyl and I can’t seem to get the price completely off the back - any suggestions?