Any ideas on value is helpful

Not sure what any of these are worth but it would be amazing to know a good sale price. Thanks in advance! :smile:

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I can give a bit of info positively on the large face. I believe that is from Mexico. I own several silver faces from Taxco, a town famous for Silver. The others I am not positive. You may have a Tibetan Saddle Ring in there. The amber also makes me think Tibetan. As they value it above Turquoise. Love that raw stone. Take your time figuring these out. They are interesting.

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Thank you very much! This info gives me a better direction to go in and is very appreciated!

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My pleasure, I wish I could help more.

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Your large black ring with a carved face, is in fact, Mexican! It is most likely carved from rainbow obsidian. I would have this piece for sale in my store for $45-$55. If your ring is marked “Taxco,” the ring becomes more valuable as Taxco silver is very collectible.

I believe your amber rings have been misidentified. Although they do closely amber, they are actually Fire Agates, most commonly found in Arizona. I do not believe they are Asian or Tibetan, they have a Mexican or Native American look to them. I would have them for sale in my store for $50-$70. This price also varies depending on the maker’s marks, and it also depends on how much “fire” the agates have.

Without seeing better pictures of your turquoise rings, I would most likely be selling them at a $75 to $115 dollars in my store. The maker’s hallmarks affect the value greatly. They all appear to be good, quality pieces. Again, a more approximate value can be determined with better pictures of the rings and of the maker’s marks.

Your watch band unfortunately does not appear to be sterling silver, (I am solely basing this on the one photograph) rather, a nickel- plated brass of some sort. A quick way to test for sterling silver at home is a magnet test- apply a strong magnet to the cuff- if it is magnetic, it is most likely not silver. If this is the case, is does not command much value, maybe $25. If it is sterling, it could command anywhere from $65 to $90. Watch bands are currently difficult to sell, and are even more so difficult to sell without a watch dial in the cuff, hence the low price.

Your claw pendant could possibly be sterling silver, and the turquoise looks like it could be sleeping beauty turquoise. If this is the case, I would ask $45-$60 in my store for this piece, depending on the age.

I am not sure what the second item in your hand is, it could possibly be the end piece of a belt. If it is sterling silver, $25 solely because of silver content.

I hope this post helped give you an idea of what your pieces might be worth!

Best, Bree.

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Wow! Thank you so much Bree! The fire agate is most likely a correct guess…and they are beautiful with a lot of fire but for some reason no matter how hard I tried I could not catch that with this camera! They have an almost fuchsia 2 purple ish with gold and red fire in them! It’s quite amazeballs! As for the belt buckle…yes that’s exactly what it is…just can’t tell if it’s for a kid or woman! I will look at the face pendant again and see what it has on the back as well as test the watch cuff. Thank you again so very much Bree! Your time and all that info was so great and truly appreciated!
I will message as soon as I have those answers!

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You’re very welcome Ms. Andie, I’m glad this info was helpful to you. You have some great pieces!