Any info on maker or stone on ring

Was a beautiful find in a lot of jewelry bought from a woman selling her lifetime collection. Many high end pieces found including this turquoise ring. The stone looks clear to the naked eye but has a misty white cloudiness under the scope, was wondering what type could it be and the letters WM elude me as to if this is the makers mark. Can anyone tell where this is from or how old it might be?

Not an expert by any means, but I have a ring that looks similar to yours and I was told that it’s an old Harvey Era ring, possibly made by one of the trading posts like Maisels; experts, please correct if I’m wrong here.

Not sure about the turquoise, hopefully Jason or someone in the know can advise. It is a pretty ring for sure. :slight_smile:

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Thank you for noticing, tempted to wear it myself! The other jewelry in this lot came from were between the 30’s and 70’s. I didn’t have a clue when or who this was from. Wish I could get a deeper pic look into the turquoise, there is the most beautiful misty white cloud that seems to float in it. I’ll try some kind of magnification (OH Yeah! My sis has a Masters in Photography, I bet she could help. I’ll be back. Thank you. Jim

Thanks BDL, I believe your on to something there. Makes sense if A Maisel was a ‘W’ Maisel and marked his goods WM (and this ring looks like a little higher detail than most others like it.). Sis said use mag. glass so what better than a 40X loupe? You can actually see the white mist (past the reflection). Does this help ID the stone or make a difference in the price? Do I look for an appraisal here or go to the other category? Thanks everyone.

Well finally “WM STER” mark mystery solved. A WMCo.Wheeler Manufacturing of Lemmon, SD is the mark, used between 1936 -1962. (also WMCo., WMCo. STERLING). Wheeler Co. start up date is 1936 and used mainly agate in there jewelry until 1946 when they started using gemstones and making some high end stuff. In 1984 they started making plain sterling charms (which is how I found out about the Co. investigating their NEW logo using since 1962- WM with C over W and O under M). In the southwest the WM Co. used local artists (possibly in trade shops) to create beautiful works of art using the finest turquoise and more. A couple initials on their jewelry are: AG and CH and there are others. This very classy Co. is still in existence! I believe all this to be 99.9% correct.


Wow what I do for this ring its the only one I can find I lost my mom in 2016 and I got a ring this ring and I lost it it breaks my heart everytime I get online to find it cause this one isn’t for sale all I have is a picture of her ring if you ever wanna sell it please contact me I dont have much money

@Sherry They show up fairly often on eBay, or ones very close to that–have you tried a search there? I’ve seen them sell for $10-$70.

This is great, I just found some earrings with the WM with co under and above the letters. It is sterling and has an oval turquoise cab about 8x5mm.
Thanks for all who posted info on this. Where would be a good place to find out if the earrings are worth $35?

Just search “Wheeler earrings turquoise” on eBay, current and Sold listings, and you’ll see the range of prices. Some listings note that the “turquoise” is simulated.

@Sherry If you’re still looking: Wheeler Turquoise | Etsy I see at least two there that look similar in style to your mom’s.

@RB3art, I see a number of earrings that may be what you’re looking for, also.

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Thank you for the link, I found a pair almost identical, and the listing price was double what I had thought, so I’m thinking I might hold on to most of my vintage Sterling.

Follow the link below from Xtina to Wheeler in Etsy. There’s a couple rings this shape in there. Keep in mind the price of silver has constantly been going up, so if it’s to replace one of sentiment, it will be worth the price anyway, but it will continue to increase in value I’m sure.

Hey i have a nice piece im willing to sell that is very close to what you are asking