Any info on these pieces?

Hello my grandmother passed a while back and left me a few pieces of jewelry that have thrown me for a loop. Any info would be greatly appreciated!


Welcome to the forum. For the most part these are commercially made, non-Native pieces. Their value would mostly be in the silver and turquoise (generally looks real but stabilized). The beads in the top picture I’m not sure are made of silver. The exception would be the two pendants in your hand, which look to be hand made and possibly Native. I wasn’t able to find much on a quick search for the Rita Paul hallmark, but you should be able to find info on this one. There is a Rita Paul who fled Nazi Germany as a child and ended up a bohemian type in NY; I’m not sure if she made any jewelry or if she’s the same. I’m going to read more about her when I get a chance because it turns out I’ve stayed at the hotel she ran.