Any info on this hallmark? Sand cast

A very large, men’s sandcast cuff. I bought it in an antique store in Santa Fe. Any info helps! It looks to me like “I t P” or “I T P”

It could even be I + P perhaps

Close up of the mark:

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I am quite the fan of Tufa Cast items, sandcast holds some interest. Unsure on this, ITP it reads, scratched in. Will look about.

Is there a difference between sand cast and tufa cast? I always just assumed tufa cast was a modern version of sand casting

Tufa is carved from a tufa stone, softer material then some sand stones. I see most people talk about sand casting when they are talking about multiplies, the artist has a template and has made some type of cement form that you can cast several pieces. Tufa we think of as one and done, even though the artist can sometimes get more than one pour. Both are done with same technique.

Forgot to mention, those are codes for the cost. We use codes just like this, each letter represents a number.

Lol! Thank you! I was never sure if it was a hallmark or a cost code. Thank you for your response Jason :smile: