Any info on this Squash Blossom

Can anyone shed any light on this Squash Blossom Necklace, It is an estate find so no providence.

Here is what I can say on this end … it weights 53 grams
on the back it is stamped CBR on one side of the Naja and Navajo on the other side. The letter stamps were a little larger than the width of the naja so the letters run off the side. It is not marked as sterling but it is silver, just not sure of the percentage. The fish tail shaped pieces are all hand cut because no two are exactly alike… this may have been someone just beginning because it seems to lack the quality. It’s also smaller, but then again it maybe a child’s or small woman’s.

Before cleaning

after cleaning (baking soda, water and soft toothbrush)

any help is appreciated

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I believe you are correct about the quality, maybe a novice. The beads are machine made. I do find the turquoise interesting. It does look like Persian Turquoise which is a good stone and not what you would think to find in this piece. Couldn’t find anything on the hallmark in my quick search of Hougart’s and Wright’s hallmark books. The silver beads date it, it is not going to be any older than the 1970s. This is also when you see lots of Persian Turquoise come on the market. It was going for $2 a carat in 1970. You might include an image of the hallmark?

Thanks Jason, here is a pic of the maker stamp. I didn’t initially include one because they are just standard letter stamps, same with the “Navajo” on the other side, but that wording is worn and harder to make out also it’s impossible to capture. I couldn’t read it at all till I looked under a loupe. The CBR is much clearer.

As for the quality it’s kind of worse on this end. The edges of the fishtail pieces are rough and slightly sharp, like it wasn’t filed and polished. This is something I could fix, but not sure if I should. I am leaning toward the idea that this was made for a child, even if by a novice. It’s just so small. I am very small in stature and can’t wear this type of necklace. But I can easily wear this.

I did do an internet search for the CBR and did find another piece at that was listed as being marked CBR unfortunately it was a lot of rings with no pics of marks and no way to tell which ring. May not have even been the same artist.

Should i fix the rough edges and any idea of value?

If you are planning on wearing the piece I would smooth those edges. I am having a hard time imagining the size, not much weight there. I think a price of $250 - $300.

Thanks Jason, I would not have figured it to be worth that much. I have worn it a bit already, there is nothing that will cut or poke you …it just doesn’t feel finished… as a jeweler that kind of bothers me. Just didn’t want to do something that would devalue it.

As for size from loop to hook it is 22" so it is 11" wearable… that is small for any chain or necklace… the Naja is 2 X 2.5.