Any pictures of green turquoise

I’ve got a ring that has a big piece… someone said oh that’s green turquoise… hadn’t seen it before and then the ring broke in 2…each
side in back of stone. !!! thanks1

Are you asking to see pictures of green turquoise? Or are you wanting to look us to look at yours?

Sorry I was not clear… I’ll take a few pics… just wondering about green turquoise… as I’ve never seen it before. I doubt it’s rare, just interesting.

I don’t know that I would say that green turquoise in particular is rare, but stones from certain mines (green or blue) are more rare than others. It’s hard to say without seeing what you have.

I’m still confused, sorry. Did Steve’s link help to answer your question, or did you mean you are going to post a picture of your stone? Green turquoise just refers to the color, not a mine.

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