Any thoughts about this piece would be appreciated!


This is a bracelet my mother in law purchased in AZ while on her honeymoon in 1948. She remembers it being being Zuni. We would love any information about it that any of you might have to share. My wife wears it now, it’s her favorite…

Thanks in advance!


I agree, this is a beauty. I am a sucker for this kind of old channel inlay, which I do associate with Zuni artists, but I’m used to seeing it featured on much simpler pieces than this. This has some interesting work in the silver around it which I associate with Navajo artists. So I’m left wondering if it’s a very skilled Navajo artist who was good at inlay or if it’s collaborative piece, with one artist doing inlay and the other putting together the cuff.

I’m assuming there is no signature along the inside, towards the ends of the bracelet?

This is a great bracelet. The timeframe is C.G. Wallace era and this is exactly the type of jewelry he was making. He would use Navajo silversmiths for the silverwork and then have a Zuni artist do the inlay. His trading post was in Zuni. This is a special piece.

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There is no signature or anything like that on it. Thanks for the wonderful feed back and information!