Any thoughts on the authenticity and turquoise type of these two pieces

I just purchased these two pieces of turquoise jewelry very cheap. It Was stated that they were sterling silver and turquoise. The ring has a Bell Trading Post halmark from 1961 - 1972. The earrings do not have a halmark. I am guessing they are old since they are clip ONS, and look Zuni. I would love to read opinions on if the turquoise is real, and where it could be sourced from. I purchased them so cheap, that it is OK if it isn’t real. I think they are both pretty.


The earrings remind me of Sancrest but they are usually hallmarked as such.

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Agree, the earrings are commercial costume jewelry (faux materials).


Any ideas about the ring and turquoise in it?

Imma guess Kingman, imagine that :laughing:


When in doubt…Kingman is always a good answer!:crazy_face:


You probably know, but Bell is commercially made tourist jewelry, not Native American hand made. That being said, there are a lot of people who collect Bell and other types of commercially made tourist jewelry for what it is. It’s a cool stone.


I was under the impression that some of the jewelry was made by hired Native Americans, probably in the early years. " By 1935 Bell Trading Post followed suit installing his own machinery which was used by his Native American workers". I understand that it was for the tourist industry, and not handmade, but I am intrigued by the history. My ring isn’t that old, but I did like the turquoise. The halmark on the ring wasn’t used until 1962. I am a little bummed about the earrings, but lesson learned.

Yes, I believe that in the earliest years (1935-1940) Bell hired Native Americans to bench make items from sheet silver. In 1940(?) they mechanized and I believe would hire NA workers to work the presses. So the vast majority of their output is machine made although there may be a few early handmade peices floating around. As you said, yours is later. It’s still a pretty ring though with real turquoise (sometimes they used imitation). If you got it for cheap it’s a win!