Any thoughts on these turquoise beads?

This not a Native American necklace, obviously, but I thought the beads are interesting. All metal is sterling silver, and the beads are cold to the touch and passed the acetone test. There is no matrix, but a few beads have black spots.

Any thoughts would be appreciated.

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You think of this color being more Chinese than Sleeping Beauty from Arizona. However, if it is a real turquoise material it could be lots of things.


Oh yes the classic Chinese coloration for turquoise-lookalike material, usually howlite. Very typical. There’s a vast amount of this sold in China and exported. The knots between the beads are indicative of this, too. I have a strand of these beads, done up as a Buddhist bead necklace, that I got somewhere in China and probably overpaid for. :grinning:

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Thanks, the thing is, they don’t feel like howlite or magnesite, or anything like that at all, very polished, I guess stabilized, and not soft at all. It also a quality sterling silver clasp and bead accent. Bought this at a thrift shop for not much, but just curious.

When did you go to China? Was it to buy Turquoise? It would be a trip of a lifetime thats for sure. Do you mind looking at my carved Turquoise for me?