Anyone any idea about type of turquoise?

Hi there, I found this gorgeous ring with a big turquoise stone, I think it might be old? Can anyone help me out with guessing what kind of turquoise it might be or even genuine turquoise?
Also age and price suggestions are very welcome :grinning:, thanks in advance!



That looks like Kingman, color enhanced and stabilized.
you can check to see if it is stabilized by touching it to your wet lip. if it doesn’t stick it is probable stabilized.
The bezel looks hand cut …not done like this too often now because you can buy fancy bezel material most anywhere.

Here are some others


Hi, thanks again, I tried the touching wet lip thing but it does actually stick :+1:

Does this mean it is not stabilized? And can you guess what the period might be according to the bezel?
Thanks! Kind regards, Ester.