Anyone familiar with ALW mark / Turquoise Origen / Value

Hi, I’m new. I have several pieces i’m interested in getting info on. But I’ll start with this piece. I have researched and found the stamp ALW attributed to Letitia and Anson Wallace . However this piece does not look representative of the work that is identified as theirs. I am curious about the Turquoise, the period the piece was made,value of the piece. 215 gr._1010526|648x486_1010528
Thank you,
Warren Mantooth

This is a Navajo squash blossom, I would date it 80s - 90s. The stone could possibly be Castle Dome, you don’t see much characteristics besides the really nice blue to give it away. You are right that it is not the work of Anson and Letitia Wallace, this piece might also outdate the couple. It is going to be difficult to find out the name of the artist. Squash blossoms are in, this has a nice vintage look, $750 - $900 range.