Anyone familiar with B or Breon Wallace?

Trying to figure out of these are legit Zuni - i see a lot of B or Breon Wallace signed inlay thunderbirds, almost identical, but nothing else by this individual, and no other forms. any info you know about them? i’m thinking this turquoise might be block.


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Hi @Jemez2, I also have one of these. I got it at an antiques mall. I can’t make the name out either. At one time I was trying to make B. Waatsa out of it but I don’t think so. I suspect it is block materials too.


I had a ring nearly identical to this many years ago, but don’t have it anymore. I’m pretty sure mine didn’t have a signature though.

So I may have said this on here before, but these little guys always remind me of a Pileated Woodpecker, one of the coolest birds.


This is a Rosita Wallace thunderbird, lots of similarities.


Do we think Breon may be a family member using their designs, or is Breon a copycat from overseas? I love the sweep and movement of the wingtips.

I find a Breon Wallace from Zuni, early fifties.


Thank you Jason! Do you mean she worked in the 1950s, or her age now is in her 50s?

The listing I have is a male, and is now in his early 50s.

interesting! i assumed that was a woman’s name!!! thanks!!