Anyone have any bandolier bags/pouches?

I would love to see some bandolier bags/pouches,
post a picture if you want to show them off :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


I don’t own any, but I have seen some cool ones on Britwest in the past. Maybe someday!

Here I am in 1938 with my bandolier bag standing outside of Kayenta on my way to…wait a minute. That’s wrong. This photo is from the Wheelwright Museum and the one I was daydreaming about looking as cool as this Navajo man and being able to pull off wearing a bandolier bag. Now I remember. It was the same day I took the photo below. Sorry! How embarrassing! :roll_eyes: :blush:


@TAH LOL good post. I saw some vintage and antique ones in Santa Fe and was struck by how heavy there were. The combination of thick leather and tons of gram weight of silver really adds up, despite the overall smallish size.

A modern lookalike would be fun to carry!