Anyone Heard of a Navajo Silversmith Names Lucky?

Hi Jason and all of you in the forums. I recently saw a beautiful ornate belt buckle with bear and eagle claws that was hallmarked “Lucky” (in script) along with sterling. I tried to see what I could find online and in my books and did find some other pieces attributed to Lucky, but no information about that artist - all the other sites say about those pieces is “made by silversmith Lucky”. The pieces hallmarked Lucky are beautifully ornate with feathers, tendrils, leaves, raindrops and obviously took a lot of skill from the artist to accomplish. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

Sorry, I have never heard of Lucky. Would be interested in seeing a picture, thanks.

Two years ago while visiting Durango, CO, I stopped in a shop selling western wear and Native American jewelry and spotted a magnificent new concho belt with clusters of Sleeping Beauty turquoise, which as it turns out, was made by “Lucky.” It retailed for $1800 but I bought it for less. I subsequently learned that while “Lucky” is considered to be an accomplished silversmith, he is not Native American but rather a Southwestern-based craftsman. I have also seen this same belt by “Lucky” offered on eBay by seller “alltribes” and they noted in their listing that “Lucky” crafted the belt in their showroom. While I love my concho belt and believe it is well-made, it is also not entirely of sterling silver but also in composed of “German silver” which isn’t silver at all. but the upside is no tarnishing, either!

Sorry, Lucky is Anglo & works seasonally at a local shop named, Alltribes. He is an excellent silversmith & has been making jewelry for 40 years, I know him personally. German Silver is not a poor substitute for Sterling…it’s an affordable one! I hope this was helpful.

<img src=/uploads/db1846/original/2X/b/b8888425f57c13ebead5ff191abd6912d609fd8e.jpg">

I asked that same question on these forms a couple of years ago and never got an answer. I have a ring made from him that was sold to me as Lander Blue. Do you have any more info on how to get a hold of this Lucky as I would like to confirm this with him.

Contacted Alltribes and they confirmed the signature to be their “Lucky” and the piece was done in collaboration with Joseph Manygoats. He wasn’t there at the time as he only seems to work during the summer and then disappears during the winter. Still don’t have his Anglo name though, can anyone supply that?