Anyone know what NF means?

I inherited this ring and I’m not sure if it’s real or costume. Looks like lapis but the NF INDIA markings inside threw me off.


It does appear to be Lapis. Not sure of the initials but the “India” is most likely where the ring was made.


Is it NF or NS? NS could be nickle silver.

I believe it means nickel free

found this-

“What do the letters NF mean on my jewelry? This is a frequently asked question as there is a huge amount of jewelry with this mark starting from the 1980s. When you see NF stamped on your jewelry it does not mean Nickel Free or Nickel Filled as posted by everyone who is giving out this information as you scroll through the search results. Since sterling silver jewelry does not contain nickel in its alloy there would be no reason to have to identify it as nickel free. The NF mark is not a reference to the alloy contents as it is the registered trademark for the importer.”



nickle free, indian(spot not feather) and very nice quality lapis.