Anyone recognize this as a true Ben Yazzie signature? Any idea on type of Turquoise?

I have received these watch tips as truly hand signed by Ben Yazzie. Does anyone know his signature and is this it? I can’t find it yet, only his BY stamp. Also the Turquoise is gorgeous, can anybody identify the type? A remarkable set with the gold accents and chunky stones! If for real will be heading to A&E category next.

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As a reply to my own question: With a little research I came across another signed Ben Yazzie piece, a badger claw, turquoise and branch coral pendant. The script signatures are very similar and the pendant owner says “signature commensurate with age” as so that it is an older mark than his stamped marks. My watch tips have Morenci (I believe) stones with most likely branch coral. Can I get any affirmation on this last finding? I have pics of the other piece but not sure if OK to present them.

Add the pictures to this post.

This is the only other BY signature I’ve found. No marks on the other watch tip. Not sure which one is older? If these are true Benson Yazzie Tips can you give an appraisal on them? Thanks for looking Jason. Jim

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It looks like the same signature. We just have a very hard time selling watch tips or watch bracelets because everyone uses their phone. If we had those tips they would maybe retail $75, hope that helps. The pendant is great. Thanks for sharing.

Thank you,Jason. Yes, I was hoping for a positive result. Too bad more people don’t appreciate the fine older works of these bands. I love wearing my watch tips, they are great conversation pieces. They are priceless to me! I’ve got of course the Ben Yazzie, Richard Begay, Virgil Begay, JW Toadlena, Paulinus Boone, Delvin Nelson, Navajo MC, Jean Dixon, Gold Filled PLATERO, and a couple pairs of Old Pawn unsigned tips (one pair weighs over 1.5 oz!) all with different types of turquoise and red corals, gold filled and washed. Even got the little woman a pair of Silver Ray and RS (Roger Skeets?) tips! Thanks again, Jim