Are these Bisbee Blue stones?

My wife got these from her mother years ago and they have been in storage since. From receipt, purchase was in 1975. I can find no hallmarks or silver marks, nothing. Hopi jewelry that we have from living in AZ. back then all have hallmarks.Seems strange that this Navajo jewelry does not. She always said everything she purchased was Bisbee Blue. Can anyone tell from picture?

I would say from the pictures. No. If you look at bisbee torquoise it is generally identified by the copper wire found throughout the stones. Almost like a fine copper lightning. If you contact one of the turquoise dealers in bisbee they are very friendly and will be able to tell you very easily. But pictures can be deceiving. :slight_smile:

It’s really hard to see the matrix in your photo. If you sent a close up it would be easier to ID. A chocolate brown matrix is characteristics, but there are others as well.

close ups.

Thanks for sharing, beautiful stones. I would call these stones Kingman with the combination of pyrite and quartz. Hope this helps.

Gorgeous pieces of jewelry, those stones are beautiful!