Are these glass beads?

I got these beads, just on the off chance that they might be something. They are very hard, though, and can’t be scratched with a steel knife (the steel transfers onto the beads). There are some small black spots but no matrix that I can see. They are the same colour inside and the colour doesn’t come out with acetone. They’re heavy - I think heavier than my real turquoise.

I’m sorry, I have no idea (except don’t think turquoise). Anybody else have an idea?

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a picture of the clasp might give another clue

Here it is.

Does the clasp twist shut or is it magnetic?

It’s a screw one - two halves

I would say that necklace was made by a hobbyist, made up of very inexpensive hobby store components and man made beads. That said, if you like it - wear it.