Are these Native American or not?


I purchased these with many other items from and estate sale. I would like your opinion on whether these are or are not Native American made. I don’t think that it is very old, but well done.

Thank you for any help that you can give me.

 Please note the small horse or possibly

deer pattern that the beads create.

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They could be Native but there is probably no way to tell. This kind of beading could be made by anyone.

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I have an Anishinaabe friend who made this style of earrings. Others made similar ones.
Some were Tribal members, some not.
The Anishinaabe are primarily located in Wisconsin, Minnesota and Canada.
Anishinaabe is the traditional name for what some call Chippewa or Ojibwa Tribes.

It is very tough to determine if this style is Native made or not without any attribution to the artist.

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Not Southwest Native, anyway. Unless someone did them as an arts and crafts project unrelated to cultural activity. The style is now ubiquitous, as a browse through Etsy (e.g.) shows. (And because of popularity, very likely available as an Asian imported product).