Are these old stones real or fake?

Would love to get your opinions on whether or not these are turquoise or not. I’m skeptical because I see some faint cracking and looks like a dark blue/black coloring happening in the gaps

. But not sure…Thanks!


Looks good to me :+1:


They look real to me. Not sure if they are natural vs stabilized, but there looks a little bit like there has been some color change in a couple of the stones. Is that the case? If so they could be natural. But let’s see what others more knowledgeable than me think. I love the ring!


Hi. Just found this forum about turquoise. I am learning as I go…This looks like beautiful Sleeping Beauty Turquoise. Is this a ring? No markings at all? The silver ring ? looks old. If you look at the bezels holding the turquoise, they are very thick and not all are sharp and well defined. Handmade. Older pieces were thicker. Just my opinion. Lovely piece.

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I would agree with the bezel being handmade, added some examples of what you would pick up at the supply shop. You can get 22 gauge bezel, which this looks like. I think of the stone as more Kingman, looks like some quartz possibly in that center stone?


In my experience most cracked turquoise will tend darker in the cracks because light is no longer refracting the same way and the sides of the fisher shade one another. Most fake turquoise is dyed types of lighter, often chalky, stone frequently with natural dark striation as a not-quite-matrix: gypsum, howlite, etc. and they will generally show white in the cracks where the stone is revealed beyond where dye has soaked in.
I can’t tell if you have both quartz & pyrite chunks, but either and/or both is also a good sign.
There used to be the old the milk test to see if any dye leeches, but I’m not sure modern thinking still uses it.
Hope that helps.