Are these real?

Thank you. I am curious if these are real. Type? Also, do these smaller stones carry any value? 44" long. No clasp. 70g


I am not an expert, nor can I readily identify turquoise, but I can tell you that when you want to examine any strung beads, a close-up of the hole on a couple of them can be very helpful. You can sometimes sort of see the interior, outside the polished surface. And whether there’s any wear around the edge of the hole. Also it’s good for checking condition, as you can see if there are cracks starting to spread from the hole.


The stones look real, but definitely a variety of mines. Turquoise has a value. It is very difficult to tell the quality from the image. Nothing looks consistent in color in the image. You can buy 16" strands it seems around $12. Of course this number raises dramatically with the quality of turquoise. I have seen single strands of high grade turquoise sell in the tens of thousands.

Thank you very much. I am so happy to have found this site. I love looking at all the beautiful jewelry people post. True pieces of art.