Are you a good squash or a bad squash?

Good morning.
A Facebook friend suggested that I throw this to your group.
Without laying your hands on it, what are your thoughts on this set?
I have a couple of vintage (70’s) bolos with the same flower work.
Getting a weight of the pieces today.


Can you be more specific about what you’re asking for input on? And could you grab a clearer shot of the mark near Sterling, possibly a hallmark?

This was the best of the photos given to me in the Hallmark (appears to be a W to me) and Sterling.
I guess I’m looking for opinions on if you guys thinks it’s authentic.
Possible age & fair market value…
I wish I could put my hands on it, but I can’t at this time.
I appreciate any input.

Authentic, as in made in the US by a Navajo person working for a retailer? I’d guess yes. Not necessarily, but possible. Age: late 1960s-1970s. Aesthetically it is over the top, “more is more,” so you have to want that. The square turquoise is unusual and to my eye weird as a choice, but again it’s your taste that counts.

The floral silverwork is something seen in that era (and based on Mexican silver tradition). Again, a matter of taste.

Things like this can range in asking price, not inexpensive-- you can check “turquoise and coral squash blossom necklace” on eBay for Sold items to see comparables.

If you don’t know the buyer (as in on FB), hopefully there’s a return option if it doesn’t speak to you once you see it.

It is nice. I would call it 1980s, Navajo and depending on what the seller knows could see this being $1200 and up.