Armadillo ring (sterling & abalone) Native American or Mexican?

I’ve exhausted my search. This worn ring has layers of abalone shell down the middle of it’s back all the way down to a cut out hole at the bottom that you can see the shell from the underside. It is only marked 925 inside bottom of band (tests sterling or better). Can this be Native American or is it Mexican? Seen plenty all silver armadillos, great idea cutting out the middle. Unusual, rare, one of a kind? Is there much value to such an item? Thanks for any help.

I don’t know if it is Mexican, but I don’t believe that it is Native American. James Avery as an armadillo ring with a piece of amethyst that sells for over $100, not sure what something like this goes for. Hope that helps.

Thank you Jason. I could only speculate that this may be a James Avery piece but can’t nail it down. It is a ingenious design, though. Yes, it is something to go on. Thank you.