Arrowhead and turquoise bolo

I have a new treasure that I have recently started researching. In fact, I was searching for the initials on this piece when I found the answer about the maker of my other pendant-Ann Yellowhorse.
This didn’t have measurements in the listing but it is 2 7/8” x 2 1/2”. There are inscribed initials on the back that I think are “aes” but could also be “res” etc.
The diamond pattern around the edge is something new to me and also very distinctive. While taking pictures of the edges of the tips, I noticed a mark on the side of one of them. It may be just where they joined the silver together.
The arrowhead and the silver work were the big draw because I was buying it as a present for my Dad.
As always, any information or tips will be appreciated! Thanks


I’m thinking that I should have put this in the appraisal category. I am not finding much even on Pinterest. So far, only one with a real arrowhead set in silver. Not giving me much idea of actual value.

I happened across this one while browsing through Ebay. They don’t list the maker but have a certificate of authenticity, Yours has much finer details but thought it might help as a comparison.image

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Thanks. That didn’t come up on my search. All I found was one by Platero that was an arrowhead set in plain silver.

This is a cool bolo. That border is half-round that has been stamped to get that diamond look, very distinctive look. The arrowhead is a reproduction with a good look. I would call this 80s, Navajo made. Also, the leaves are machine made. You always have some interesting pieces.

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Thanks. I enjoyed wearing it one day before my Dad hijacked it. If you have time will you please give me your thoughts about the Ann Yellowhorse pendant that I posted. Thanks.