Artist information please

Does anyone have any information about Mary James? I have a sqush blossom necklace made by her from the 1970’s.
Has anyone seen any photos or does anyone else own any jewelry made by her?

Any information about her, or current family members who are also jewelry makers would be appreciated.

Hello. The James family is from the Mentmore area west of Gallup. I am not familiar with Mary, but several family members still make jewelry. Geraldine James and Marcella James are two names that come to mind. However, the James and the Blackgoat family are related somehow and all do very similar work. Hope this helps.

Thanks Jason. I purchased a squash blossom necklace in Gallup in 1978. It was attributed to Mary James. The necklace is stunning, and due to its vintage has no hallmark.
At the time I was told Mary James was going blind or had already gone blind.
I have seen some work by a Lorenzo James offered by a store out of Tucson on Ebay. I also saw a rather large bracelet attributed to Mary James on an Ebay store called Nativo-Arts. I was curious to see if anyone knew of Mary James.
I will take some photos of the squash blossom necklace and try and upload them.
Since I don’t wear it (it is very large and very heavy) I was thinking about selling it. But I do not know the particulars other than it is sterling, and the turquoise is natural. I would be interested in learning where I could get it appraised.

Thanks again for running this site. It is very informative.

Yeah, upload the picture and maybe we can get an idea of value of the necklace.

Hopefully these will come through, thanks!

The images are small so I can’t get a detailed look. From what I have here it appears to be a very nice piece. We have large turquoise squash blossoms similar to this that sell for $900 - $1200, hope that helps.

I sent small files to make sure they would load. I have much larger files available. If you give me an email address I can send them to you. Thanks a lot.