Artist of both Painting and Silversmithing?

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I know Silversmithing is a skil taught and handed down in families. Yazzie is a a name I have heard before in jewelry making. Could the painter who created this hauntingly beautiful image of a buffalo hunt be the same man who who perfected the art of jewelry making? J Yazzie the artist was said ti have been selling his paintinhgs along the roadside in the 1970s Southwest, where this one was acquired. Would appreciate any background on the artist.


This is not really a Turquoise topic. You would be better suited to use google as I have just done.

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Looks like you nailed it Christibo!

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But, did J Yazzie also do jewelry? I think this is the real question here.
While living in Chinle, AZ, in the 1980’s I had a co-worker, named John Yazzie. His Dad was an artist. John showed me some of his Dad’s paintings and they were beautiful. in a similar style with what John called ghost figures in the sky.
He said these were the spirits of those long gone.
John said that his Dad was starting to do jewelry. John was making jewelry at the time and was teaching his Dad how to make quality pieces.
I have no clue if this is the same person or not.
The surname of Yazzie was very common at the time. I had many co-workers with that name.

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Yes, thank you. That was my “real question” and I hoped I had framed it in my subject. I’ve had the painting for a couple of years . Because of the surname I too was not sure if it was the same man.
I attempted to remove the pictures as I did not want to offend anyone. Not sure if I was successful in deleting.
I’ll bet your co-worker is related to the artist. Thank you for sharing your personal connection to the artist son. It’s possible the jewelry I have seen is the son’s work. What a talented family!
Sometimes when you admire a particular artist work and see a creation in a different setting you get the “sense” he created it. Artist are often multi talented and to me it is an honor to know their history.
I do appreciate both you and Christibo’s responses. That’s how I learn.
Christibo’s response goes on to confirm John Yazzie the painter also created jewelry. A wonderfully gifted man, I think.Thanks to all. Stay safe out there!


here is some info I found for Johnny Yazzie

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Thank you, joebig!

Wonderful bio on Johnny Yazzie, and the Anniversary Poster is beautiful.

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