Assist w/ID of hallmarks

I have 2 Zuni pieces that I need assistance with. The first is an inlay ring in jasper, tiger eye, mother of pearl and onyx with a tomahawk kind of hallmark; the second are inlay watch tips in jasper, onyx and turquoise with a Y hallmark (one of the Yazzie’s?). Any help in IDing the crafter of either piece would be appreciated.

Yazzie is a Navajo surname, not Zuni.

On the watch, I’ve looked at the “Y” names in Hougart’s – only one of the three is a Yazzie – and none seems like a match. They don’t do this kind of inlay work.

On the ring, I can’t see the tomahawk very well. Is it a "“P” or a symbol?

No not a p. A larger circle to the left, smaller circle (did not really show in photo) directly to the right, longer oval beneath and connected to the other two circles like a letter ‘t’. Call them circles/ovals due to in the center of each the silver is not touched(engraved). Also the word ‘sterling’ is engraved on the opposite side of the band from the hallmark.

These pieces are most likely Navajo. This style of inlay is done by a lot of shops in Gallup and is usually a collaboration between silversmith and lapidary artist. You might do some research on Supersmith, Anasazi Traders, Stoneweaver and BG Mudd to see if you can find any of these hallmarks associated with them.

From what I’ve seen recently believe this piece by ‘Ray Jack’. Hallmark is similar, band style/markings match, inlaid stone style very similar, and have seen one of his rings with exact same stones w/slight variation in design. Is he one guy or a co-op… lots of his stuff on eBay and one of the ‘Indian Trader’ web stores?