Authentic signature?

anybody familiar w/tommy singer stuff? I stumbled across a pendant & earrings “set” this afternoon-“storyteller” style w/some gold. Stamped T Singer on the bear fetish pendant. The style feels right to me but I’m not expert.
Price is good($140) & I’m really drawn to the bear…ya know,I didn’t look at the earrings enough to say how they fasten-lol…but I’d rather not buy a fake.
& no,I didn’t take a pic…sigh

screenshot of marks:

source of screenshot:

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Aside from hallmarks, the jewelry itself has to be what he conceivably could have made, obviously. Without photos it’s a guess whether your find is potentially his or not. (Storyteller and fetish don’t sound right.)

earrings like these…on ebay- item number
design is slanted,not horizontal,btw

& here’s a bear that’s similar=item number

Ah. So now I see that your description of “bear fetish pendant” refers to a stylized bear rendered in silver, not to a fetish.
I still don’t know what you mean by storyteller style.

bought today…hey,I can blow money if I wanna,right?
two reasons=the jacla was gone & I figured the pendant’s bale would fit my “liquid silver” necklace…yep,it does :wink:
btw,my pusher has a gold-plated liquid silver,30 strand necklace;think I’d better stay away for awhile.


I think this is what you mean by storyteller, amirite newpawn?

@Ziacat Yes, that’s what’s typically known as storyteller style. It’s just that the items he was looking at weren’t of this sort.