Authentic wedding vase with turquoise?

Hello, I would like everyone’s opinion on what is being presented as a Navajo wedding vase. My concern is if the vase is Navajo and if the turquoise is real. Me and my fiancé would like to incorporate the vase into our wedding ceremony and keep the vase as a family heirloom. We located the vase at a dealer in Old Town Scottsdale AZ. The bottom is marked by the year 88 and there is a symbol for the artist. I will attach photos. I have not seen any other vases that are majority inlaid with turquoise. Any help in appreciated.

My knowledge of native pottery is lacking… but I hope the vendor didn’t tell you that is turquoise inlay? The vase style is commonly known as a wedding vase, but from the pictures you shared, I am 99 percent positive that is not turquoise inlay. That’s not to say it doesn’t detract from the beauty, just factor that in when pricing out vases. I have seen pottery with turquoise, but this is not the case here.

Thank you for the reply! The dealer was asking for $1200 and lowered the price to $1000. The dealer presented the vase as having turquoise on the surface so the price to me seems high if it is not turquoise. Thank you for your insight.

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Please excercise caution if you choose to continue shopping with this dealer. Unfortunately, when something is in high demand, many fakes and imitations are produced. I can’t imagine how someone would try to pass this off as turquoise =\

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