Back in the day when we could gather and buy directly from the makers

Here’s the first item I ever bought directly from a maker at the Santa Fe plaza in early 2000s. Totally forgot who made the ring. He said it was Cerillos turquoise. I loved the lack of blue.


That picto looks like a hummingbird to me! About when (date) did you get it?

I think it was 2006 or so.

Its an N and a picto…but since its a very simple ring with a round cab of turq we cant contribute ot to a tribal style but we can consult the books on the picto and initial N…so if someone could look at their books on this one since I still do not have a good reference set yet that would be great! If you could post a more detailed pic of the hallmark ittself thar would be really helpful.

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I’ll try. My phone camera apparently sucks. I phone 6s. I’m feeling old, but I hate upgrading.

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