Barrette HT?

Hi! One of my fav barrettes had gone missing… and here it is Yay!

Can anyone help with age/place/maker? Stamped sterling on one corner. other corner says HT I think. Thanks! Liz


Possibly Herbert Tsosie. Other barrettes have HT in the corner and are attributed to him (not that necessarily means anything from what I’ve seen). But it’s a start.


I love the stamp work on that! I also have a problem of misplacing many items. I’m always tempted to think someone stole it until I find the item in some obscure place. :joy: I’m still looking for my Benjamin Mansfield cuff…I fear I will never find it.


Oh dear- I hope you find it SOON! :slight_smile:


I agree, I hope you find it soon. I have a Dwayne Maktima quail pin/pendant that I inherited from my mom. One day I went to get it out and wear it, and it was nowhere to be found. I was so frustrated. About a month later I found it on the top of a dresser in another room. Who knows why it was there, but at least I found it. Hope the same happens for you!