Bear claw necklace in need of help

Hello i have got another nice beer claw necklace which i need help with , i know its from arizona brought in uk before 30 years , there is marks on it so that might be helpful for someone with more knowledge than me ! Any help appreciate


I don’t know a lot about squash blossom necklaces; I have never bought one (too heavy for me). But the turquoise looks to me like what is called seafoam which often seems to be Kingman. Don’t know I’m right on this…just my experience on some things I have.

I have also seen discussions here and elsewhere about the legality of selling a piece with actual bear claws. I believe that varies from state to state, and sometimes things that people think are bear claws are actually claws from another animal. Just something to be aware of if you’re looking to sell it. But there are others here that know much more about that.