Bear claw necklace

Hello !
I have recently found this beautiful piece but there is no marks on it at all can anyone help me identify it if possible and does it mean if there is no marks is no good ? What do you think of this necklace ?does it look authentic?


This necklace is a little confusing. Most times when we see these bear claws and silver leaf work you go to the 70s-80s. Then we associate that timeframe with hallmarks not being as used as much as today, so it is ok. However, this necklace looks new or restrung because of those plated beads. Do you know anything about the age?

The beads are silver not plated .

Nice, being seamless it still tells us that it is newer. Do you know if it has been restrung, or any history of the piece?

Nothing bought it from antique market . Thats all j k ow thats why im asking if anyone is more familiar , i bought it in London. , UK

i hate to say it, but this is giving me asian/phillippine import vibes. something about the silver embellishments - the ball-tipped wire swirls and coils, the big sawtooth bezel, the pre-stamped looking flower/leaf components - IDK. combined with the machine made beads… The turquoise looks legit, and it’s got a big strong wearable look to it, but IDK if it’s native made.

too “floral” for my taste

I read a post by a Native American who talked about how the NA community took pride in their work and it would be made very well and strong. And they were big into marking their work to represent their names and all.
He mentioned a lot of fakes from China don’t use marks and all, but I understand what he’s saying about any artist wanting to show pride in their work and put their signature in it. But that’s not always the case.
I’ve got a lot of vintage silver and gold marked pieces that were described as NA but most will have the metal purity mark and a few have initials, but I have some that have nothing and are beautiful pieces of art that I couldn’t imagine making and not signing or marking anything.
I took my NA set to a jeweler and she verified it was all silver and gold except one plated ring that is still beautiful with an amethyst that’s contrasts against the blackened plating. It’s one of my favorite pieces. Too bad it’s plated though.
But my prized piece was Purivian and silver and gold and I had to get it repaired and got it back after a month and it was appraised for $3500-$400 and I am thrilled. It looks beautiful after she cleaned it up also. But all it has is silver and gold marks and was removed from a NA group and I couldn’t get a response as to why? I wasn’t trying to sell it, but you’re allowed to, I was just sharing it and hoping I could find someone who had info about it. I found a similar artists and sent her an email with no response and I mentioned it could be hers, but I thought it rude to remove me and not explain why.

if you posted a known Peruvian piece to a Native American art group, that would not be surprising that the post was removed. Most NA groups are pretty specific about “American” meaning USA native peoples, not central our south American art or indigenous artists.

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Every forum has its rules. Trouble elsewhere online is hard, if not impossible, to interpret.

I will respond to the general comments made about quality and hallmarking. Hallmarking of NA material is a relatively late development in NA jewelry production, and the earliest jewelry–most valuable, rarest, and also aesthetically among the best–did not have hallmarks or stamping of metal content. The pride was (and is) in the making and wearing, and hallmarking is really about market conditions coming into play. By “metal purity” if you mean the .925 stamp, that’s far more likely Mexican than NA. There are boatloads of hallmarked items, including imports masquerading as authentic, of varying quality.

Also, gold is a rarity in SW Native jewelry. Not unheard of but not typical. So you have to know what the material really is, origin wise.


Hi I’m in the UK - can I ask where in London you bought it? That might give a clue as to whether it’s genuine NA or an Asian import xx

Covent garden’s antique market

Well that’s pretty reputable I’ve bought stuff from Covent Garden before - tough one xx