Bear Claw Pendant with E.S. hallmark

I think this is Eddie Secatero, Edward Secatero seems to have an Indian head with the year inside of it but I’m not sure about variations over time and I don’t know if they are related or not, could even be the same person I suppose. The turquoise seems to have some pyrite in it. The claw is real it smelled of burnt hair. The whole thing weighs 9 g. Length is 2-1/8" from the top of the loop that holds the bale to the tip of the claw. Any thoughts?


I found a mate that sold in 2015. It says Edward Secatero and from the 80’s. The silver work is identical, no price though. I don’t know if the claw is pointed the other direction or if the image is flipped.

Another question I have is should I do anything to the claw to help preserve it?
Also, haven’t I heard or read somewhere that it’s not legal in some states to sell/have these?

Cool pendant, AC. I have owned my bear claw pendant since the mid 70s. It might not be necessary, but occasionally, I apply a light coat of mineral oil to prevent the claw from drying out. This is common practice with knife collectors in an effort to hydrate natural handle materials like ivory, stag, and wood to help prevent cracking.

Not sure on the legal stuff.

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Found another with a price of $76


Mine was attached to a non-native Byzantine chain that is 4 mm in diameter and 22" long. They would not separate them. I gave $175 for both. I had already figured the chain right at $90 to $100 so I don’t think I over paid to much.

Okay so I basically just rubbed the claw between my thumb and forefinger for a few minutes to get a little bit of body oil on it, that seems to have taken a lot of the chalky / ashiness away from it

Found another one, it is marked ES but they are attributing it to Elaine Sam. Also says faux bear claw. Marked Navajo handmade.


Not saying that it’s not, but if that’s a faux bear claw, they sure have that technique down.

Unless there is some sort of law about it and they are covering themselves.

Very similar, hopefully she is copying Edward Secatero. On the one you found, the ring that the bale attaches to is different, as is the font of the hallmark. However searching her name, I’ve found another, identical to mine, attributed to her but it doesn’t show the back so you can’t see the hallmark.


Elaine Sams hallmark has a different font although that could change over time.

I’ve looked at a number of her bracelets and they all have this hallmark made with this font.

The laws of selling animal body parts seems to vary greatly from state to state. Some states forbid selling black bear parts among other things. Of course here in Georgia it seems the only thing you can’t skin and sell are dogs and cats…lol