Bear Cuff? Navajo?

I need a bit of help with this cuff. The image is one I am unfamiliar with. Is it Navajo or Zuni?? Is it a bear or something else? Any help would be much appreciated!
It is engraved IL 8200 1794-7059, previous trader cost/inventory code I rekon.

That is definitely a different looking piece. I would call that a bear, the style is Navahopi, silver overlay Navajo artist. However, without that hallmark you never know for sure. No idea on the engraving, seems like lots of writing for a cost, maybe inventory like you say.

Thanks Jason! I was thinking along those lines, but that image is tugging at my memory for some reason.

Navajo because of the 1/2 round wires for cuff? Also, does the motif look a bitless refined, more strident, than Hopi overlay?