Bear Paw, Shadowbox Bracelet

I recently discovered a mark on this bracelet.
Purchased from @cristibo a few years ago.
Sold as having no ID marks.

Research has yielded nothing.
It appears to be a very unique style of Sterling mark. I have never seen an “l” like that on jewelry stamped Sterling. The word Sterling, is very small and hard to see.

Any ideas?
Thank you.


To me it looks like the top half of the word “Sterling”

There is an artist Pearline Spencer that makes a lot of bear paw stuff. I’m mearly guessing.

Yes, I am just wondering if any known artist used this style of Sterling stamp.

I will check out PS, thanks.

Hi Fernwood. The font is pretty common for a sterling stamp and is widely used but looks very different here because it’s a partial impression. The silversmith had the stamp leaned forward when the impression was made, so between only 1/2 and 2/3 of the stamp was actually embossed into the metal.


I found a Navajo Artist, Leta Parker, who makes a lot of this style jewelry. It is such a simple style.

@mmrogers Thanks for the info. I thought the stamp had just become wore down over the years.
I did some checking and am pretty sure you are correct.

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