BearClaw squash blossom hallmark JA

i recently purchased a bear claw squash blossom necklace… It has real bear claws and have been trying to find out about the person who made it… The hallmark is JA and the only persons I’ve found that has a JA is Jack Adakai and Juan Alberta… they both use JA but not the way that this is stamped… I came across your page and I’m hoping you can help me identify it as well as an approximate age of the piece… Thank you…

Hello, this is classic 1970s - 80s Navajo silver. This is at the height of popularity and lots of people are dabbling in silver jewelry. It is a very cool piece, but I am afraid you are going to have a very difficult time ever finding the true JA of this piece. Thanks for sharing.

Thank you Jason… I love it because the claws are real and its hard to get things now with real claws.

That is very true. It use to be a very popular style and easy to get your hands on some bear claws. Those days have changed, unless you want to spend some serious money. Thanks again for sharing.