Beautiful bracelet from estate how do I get some information on what to sell them for?

Part of my husbands parents estate. His mom owned a store in the 70’s in Borrego Springs have been sitting in boxes for years. I have many items including 3 or 4 squash blossom necklaces. These are the bracelets all beautiful heavy Silver/Turquoise and one coral piece. Looking to sell them but do not have any information on the value of these.

Ballpark in that box about $3000.00 at auction.
I would recommend you find a good auction house that specializes in Native American jewelry. There are a couple in Arizona and some in Colorado who I would recommend.
If you are interested I can give you their names.

I am located in San Diego yes please give me the information. Thank you so much for your help.


Contact me directly at and I’ll be happy to give you their names and web sites.