Beautiful Bracelet LH Hallmark

I purchased this bracelet many years ago and just love it. I cannot find the right L.H. to go with this hallmark. It appears there is a wing or a father underneath the LH. Does anyone recognize it. It is very thick and heavy but I do not think it is Less Hill or Leo Harvey. Any ideas would be appreciated. I’d like to find and purchase more of his work.


Welcome to the forum Todd. Stamped initials can be a very hard hallmark to identify. I know a Leroy Hildreth who makes a very similar style to this. He uses a L. Hildreth now for a hallmark, but he might have used a LH earlier.

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I just showed this to Lewis Hildreth, who I called Leroy yesterday. He said that this was a bracelet he made. He started making jewelry in the 1970s, I did forget to ask when he made this, sorry.


Hi Todd, welcome! I just posted this hair ornament on the Leo Harvey thread thinking it might be him. It’s just as close to your mark as it is to any of Leo’s marks, could also be none of the above I suppose.


Two great looking pieces and beautiful turquoise in both! :+1:


That looks exactly like the Hallmark in mine. Thank you!

Thank you all. I really appreciate all the help. What a nice website. Does anyone know where Lewis Hildreth sells his jewelry?

I do not but found this, the only one I could find.