Beautiful Rock; not 4 sale. I cut one slab It polished supremely well & made ring(kind of clunky to me) 4 large man, he liked it. Any idea what kind or turquoise? Thanks so much

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I have been searching photos and have compaired this rock… I saw Candelaria.

Does this look like it? I know Kingman has so many looks so I won’t make this distinction
by myself. All ideas very welcome. Thanks all! These ring and ring were not supposed to be here… Cant get them off. Sorry. These are just made by a anglo…me; but I love the rocks!

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My thoughts are Nevada Blue Mine.

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Yes! great idea.
While I was looking for pictures of it I also found this great website.
You may already know and use it; it is “Nevada Gem” owned by Lander
Blue miner.

I find it quite difficult to tell from pictures about the stones.
I dropped a note to the owner of lander blue mine asking him if this was
one of his. “No”. He also suggested it may be from Cloud Mountain mine(Chinese )

So-o now it is narrowed I thank you so much.
Nevada Blue or perhaps Cloud Mountain mines.

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You reminded me that this site is Turquoise People…not Native American Turquoise Only, lol! I was in New England visiting Portsmouth NH. I purchased a rather large piece of " Chinese/Tibetan " Turquoise. Bought from a old , high end family store. It had sat for decades and the price was resonable bease of this. I will post it in hopes The Turquoise Experts, on this site most likely have knowledge on Turquoise World Wide. Also, it’s very pretty, very much a spiderweb pattern, bit similar.

I have a pendant that is called Super X turquoise, it resembles that, beautiful stone!