Bedinger Book

Indian Silver: Navajo and Pueblo Jewelers – 1973
by Margery Bedinger

Does anyone have/use this as a resource?
I was excited to purchase this along with another vintage jewelry book and some slabs/rough lapidary materials.

It should arrive tomorrow.

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It is a great book. Lots of history, styles, specific artists, etc.

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It is a good book and I am sure you will find it a great addition to your library.

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I have looked through many pages. Yes, a great addition.
I also received a lot of β€œballast” with the books. Aka, rocks and rock slabs. No Turquoise, but lots of petrified wood and other great items.
The 2 books I purchased has to be in a Medium size postal box. Plenty of room for other items, which the seller included.
My small library of Turquoise/SW Jewelry is now up to 4. Had purchased a couple of books in the 1980’s while living in AZ. I am also printing reference sheets and putting them in a binder, in addition to saving on computer.