Before or after? Looking for advice

Be an easy switch back. just curious about what everyone else thinks

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I like the before better. Looks like a nice turquoise stone you switched out and not the best piece of coral


Oh yes…go with the coral !

I have better coral. but I’m cutting it until I know for sure that is the direction want to take

And it would take about 5 min to put the turquoise back in. I still have it. And tons more lose pieces

I like before. The light blue and green stones are beautiful together.


Yes tah I am pretty torn on it. I know once I use a richer smoother red coral it will look better. But I’m mainly looking for my direction. Because red coral looks really great as well. I usually don’t touch them unless a stone is already missing. I’ll wait and see the more popular response is I guess


I agree with TAH. The different shades of turquoise look lovely together!

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I have always liked the combo of turquoise and red coral.

I too like the red coral and turquoise combo–BUT this looks better with turquoise! Just tossing in an opinion.


I really appreciate the input. It seems to be heavily leaning toward the turquoise. Thanks to everyone. And more input is always welcome

Hey just glue a snap on the back of your stones and make it interchangeable :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:


Wouldn’t that be a dream come true lol. When i recieved the ring the light turquoise was falling out. The red coral is more of an experiment.

Please, the turquoise!

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Turquoise for sure! Especially if you decide to sell it someday, as you’d need to disclose you changed out the stone. Changing colors is one of the things I look for in older pieces when I’m shopping turquoise. I like dressing like a peacock, lol.

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I put the turquoise back in. And I didn’t change it per say as much as it fell out an and I got curious. but everything is for sale at a reasonable price

this picture was taken at the time of the post


Personally I love the first one. I’ve always loved the slight contrast between blue and green stones side by side.

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Its the same stone. it’s just reflecting light differently

Love the two turquoise stones together. I’ve always loved tonal pairings like this!!