Before you say it isnt Native American....Sarah Curley bracelet

I bought this bracelet at a govt auction a few years ago. I was amazed at the craftsmanship of it. In awe really. It is simply stamped SC925. I took it around the small town where I live had 1 person say the stones are real 1 said they are not. I contacted a wonderful lady at Tskies who eventually emailed me back and said yes in fact this is Sarah Curley’s piece. The iconography is outstanding on the bracelet…the top may fool you but the side view tells you this is a work of art and Native American. Any help that anyone knowledgeable in vintage Sarah Curley can give me would be appreciated.

Although I have doubts about this being Sarah Curley/NA, what I can speak to are the stones. If the stones are real, we can assume that they are sapphires and white/ canary (yellow) diamonds. If this is the case, you are looking at a few carats total weight of diamonds. In my experience, is not normal for a jeweler to put diamonds in silver. Also, if these are white & yellow diamonds, they also carry the same color consistency throughout the entire bracelet, which is indicative that they might be faux. If these were genuine diamonds, again, it is also unusual that diamonds that clear and that color would have been used in a sterling piece.

Any jeweler would be able to confirm this with a diamond tester. If they insist on charging you for a test, it shouldn’t cost more than a few dollars.

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I am trying to find a descent jeweler here to get the answer. I made a mistake I think to take it to a pawn shop to get it tested. First he said they were real then he said it wasnt. I understand most ppl do not believe it is NA but on the profile of the bracelet you can see some 2 teepees under the moon. And the top of the moon looks like the iconograpy for a rainbow.Probably wishful thinking but if you hold it in your hand and see the craftsmanship of the piece you fall in love. I did.

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By chance would you know of a website that talks of the NA women silversmiths? I am just learning but already am in aww of the work and attention to detail…thank you!

It is a beautiful piece, very sparkly. I’ve noticed with pawn shops, they will try and “downplay” your item, i.e. tell you the diamonds aren’t real, so if you decided to sell it, you would sell it for the price of cz’s. I don’t know a site specifically attributed to female artists, but Billie Hougart’s book has a lot of NA info. I don’t personally own the book, but many forum members here do. Perhaps another member can see if she is mentioned in Hougart’s book.

For reference, here is a sterling, non- native Byzantine link chain with the same mark, “SC 925”

Hope this helps! BigBree

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Thank you! I will try to get that book or maybe if someone here knows if she is in the book and more info on her that would be wonderful.