Begay Cuff Turquoise Type and Value?

A friend asked me to post this request. The cuff was bought by her husband from a seller that said it was Richard Begay. I think it is Roland Begay from the hallmark. Need help with that and value as well as the turquoise type. Number 8? Any thoughts or guesses appreciated!




Ok photos are too small. WIll post larger ones shortly.


I couldn’t find the exact stone I wanted to take a picture of, but what you have there is a Kingman stone.

Kingman, Number Eight and Chinese






Number Eight, of course Number Eight does have a black matrix too, but it isn’t something you found outside of old pieces.

This is a nice bracelet. It is hard to get a feel of the size of stone, that makes a difference. $350 - $525.

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It’s lovely. I hope she will enjoy wearing it.

Solid looking cuff. I did some quick detective work on the hallmark.

The sigs I added to your photo were from examples I found online attributed to Richard and Roland pieces offered for sale. So far have not spotted anything matching the sig on the cuff.

I have the books as well. But this is what I am basing my hallmark ID on.

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Guessing this is either an early or a later hallmark for Roland H. Begay…leaning towards earlier.

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This is Randy Boyd, he does piece work here in Gallup.


Thanks very much Jason! I will add this new hallmark to my list!

So this is a contemporary piece then? What would be a fair value for this?

I saw the hallmark for Randy Boyd on the Cuff that you have that matches the hallmark on my piece which is the backward r with b that is connected but there was a piece that is Randy Boyd with his name and a spur. Does he have two hallmarks

The spur is his old hallmark, this one is the newer one.

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Thank you for putting an artist name with this piece.