Begay or Singer?

Happy Father’s Day to all the special Dads on The forum today! :slight_smile:

Can anyone help me in identifying this ring? Begay or Singer?
I had a heavy cuff which was stolen in '79 as well, Mainly Coral chip, MOP and jet mosaic {chris crossed with silver between chips)… This piece I called my “smiling whale” ring… it is not signed I simply cannot recall the artist. Any info appreciated

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Are there any marks on the inside? This piece does not strike me as being NA made, it looks like silver overlay accompanied by enamel, which is a common theme in Mexican silver jewelry.

Hey Bree, Nope. Nada nothing on the inside… I believe you’re correct as far as non NA made/ enamel… I recall wearing this “whaley” ring with the mosaic chip inlay cuff which was stolen… *memory is going,…I do know my Mother had said cuff was a Begay(?) piece ( it was heavy and I remember not being fond of the colors; Red, black, white) But it wrapped around my small wrist perfectly,… I am trying in vain to find a pic of a cuff like that, unfortunately i have no pics… i will continue looking…
Once again; I have to thank you Bree, for putting forth such a wealth of information!!
Thank you!

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