Belt buckle

Hi Could anyone give me any information on this silver conch belt buckle. My husband bought it in a shop in Santa Fe called the Kokopelli gallery. We would like to know the age, who might have made it. There are no markings on the back.


The buckle looks like a new piece. Have you asked Kokopelli gallery? Without a mark it is going to be difficult, and Kokopelli should have an idea of who they purchased this from.

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We were told in the shop it was antique, but couldn’t give us any more info.

That back definitely tells a different story than the front, it must have been polished. I am afraid you are going to have a near impossible time finding the artist. Kokopelli must likely would have known the artist if it was a new piece, older stuff they picked up not from the maker so understandable. Sorry I couldn’t be more help.

Thanks for taking the time to reply. My husband did polish the front slightly, whether that’s the right or wrong thing to do, I don’t know, but he preferred it slightly polished.
Once last thing we just wondered if the style/pattern might be related to any particular area or not.
Thanks again

I recommend shinning it if that is what he preferred. This stamp does not indicate an area, these are classic designs that could have been done by any Navajo silversmith.

It is nice to know that it was probably made by a Navajo Silversmith anyway.
Thanks again for your help.